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     The artist Marianne Lisson Kuhn is a fifth generation Napervillian. She earned he degree in fashion design and Illustration and particularly liked the pen and ink medium. When her first daughter was born she chose to stay home and began drawing house portraits. As time went on she began drawing scenes of Naperville and selling limited edition prints of them. Both her parents and her husbands parents were raised on farms and when her father passed away she drew his tractor which lead to her current collection of over 65 tractors drawn with many rural historic Naperville farms in the background. These are available as limited edition prints.

     Marianne's works are very recognizable by the realistic detail with special attention on nature. Over the last few years she has also colored some of her prints giving them a entirely different look. She enjoys working in the watercolor medium too. Her Naperville scenes are in several galleries in Naperville, and her farm and tractor scenes are all over the country.

     Fifteen years ago when her daughter was born, Marianne painted a mural in the nursery. She has recently resumed mural and Trompe l'oeil Painting with Liza Hopkins, a long time artist friend and between they feel the sky isn't even the limit!

     As a team they put a lot of thought and creativity into each piece of art, taking into careful consideration the client's tastes and interests. They both love what they do and that is clearly portrayed in their work.

Email me! lissonart@aol.com