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     Liza Netzely Hopkins is a fifth generation Naperville artist, her grandfather was a noted pin striper of wagons in 1890's in the Naperville area. She cultivated her art skills by attending the Art Institute in Chicago with studies in life drawing, ceramic work, and painting. Liza has had her work shown in juried art shows ,and a one woman shows featuring her etchings.

     While taking fine art courses at the Art Institute she had a chance encounter with old time Naperville legendary muralist and sign painter Les Schrader. Working with him liza found not only a way to express her talents, but to earn a living painting signs. Since that chance meeting Liza has become one of the top sign artists in the Chicago area with numerous state and National awards for her work. Liza and her work have been featured in the National magazines "Sign Business", "Signs of the Times" and "Signcraft"along with winning the Illinois Sign Association Grand Prize for her work.

     Several years ago while adding a new look to her living room she rediscovered life painting and began to to paint scenes again for her own pleasure. Meeting with Marianne Lisson Kuhn they both decided the sky was not the limit and started Faux For Real to change the living environments for their clients.

     Liza has recently relocated to Dunedin Florida and will continue to do more Florida work as well as work in Illinois with Marianne.