golf_bear_at_party.jpg - 43154 Bytes This Summer and fall the City of Naperville and the United Way sponsored a Bear painting! Sort of like the famous cows in Chicago. The whole city was filled with Bears. Marianne and Liza each were commissioned to paint several Bears for local businesses. The project was a fun one and resuled in several new commissions for our two artists.
To see the Bears that Liza and Marianne painted they are a hoot! Please click here!

Take a look, click here! and see the painted Giraffes Liza and Marianne did in 2002!

kaiser.jpg - 6467 Bytes Liza and Marianne are beginning to do several jobs in Florida, in the Keys and the in the Clearwater area. Please take a look at several examples of their fun work.
We can do the same for you!
Take a look, click here!